Davidson Intergroup Studies (IGS) Lab

I love working with students in my lab, both during the academic year and over the summer. The Social Psych lab is located on the 2nd floor of the Craig E. Wall Academic Center (Wall 228). During the Fall semester, my Research Methods in Social Psych students generally collect data on various social psychological topics. In the Spring semester, my thesis students are usually collecting data in the lab. Interspersed within those projects, I am often collecting pilot data for a summer project or following up on an intriguing result of past research.

Currently, I am fortunate to have a very talented Lab Manager, Kimberly Bourne. Kim graduated from Colby College in 2015 and worked as a lab manager in Tessa West’s lab at NYU prior to coming to Davidson. She is primarily assisting with my NSF grant-funded research and leading our team of undergraduate research assistants.

I am always looking for smart, motivated students with an interest in Social Psychology and social issues research to help me conduct research projects throughout the school year and over the summer. Working in a research lab is a great way to prepare for grad school! If you’re interested in a volunteer position for the Fall 2017 semester, fill out an application and email it to me by September 1st!

Check out the Summer Lab and thesis student tabs to see examples of past research experiences. Also check out Davidson’s various funding opportunities for student research!

Palmer Psychology Suite (Social and Cognitive)

Social Psych Lab – Meeting Room

Social Psych Lab – Testing Room