Available Positions

Research Assistants

I am currently accepting applications for students to volunteer in my lab during the Fall 2019 semester! Volunteers must commit to 4 hours per week in the lab (including a 1-hour weekly lab meeting). Check out my current research page to see what projects are currently ongoing in the lab. Volunteering is a great way to get some initial research experience to prepare you for engaging in independent summer research or thesis research later on. It can also supplement your other course experiences in psychology by giving you exposure to a different set of research questions or methodologies.

Fill out an application and email it to Grace Drake (grdrake@davidson.edu) by September 4th!

Summer Research Positions

Applications for student-funded summer research positions are currently open (DRI and Abernethy deadline December 2019). If you don’t know what funding opportunities are available, check out this webpage – https://www.davidson.edu/academics/research/research-and-scholarship-opportunities

I may also have grant funding to support summer students in 2020.

Thesis Students

If you are interested in doing a thesis on a topic closely related to topics described on my research page, contact me to discuss options. If you are not yet a junior, consider working as a research assistant prior to pursuing a thesis.