Summer 2013 Lab

In Summer 2013, I had a “virtual lab” with an experienced student working with me remotely in between Davidson Outdoors’ Odyssey trips.

Lexi Gross ’14

Lexi Gross ’14 assisted with writing up two manuscripts as well as led data collection for a follow-up study on the effect of women’s confrontation of benevolent sexism on evaluations of her competence, likeability, and job fit. Lexi collected data online using Mechanical Turk learned a great deal about the manuscript editing process over the duration of the summer!



Lexi presented her summer project at the Fall poster session:

Gross, L.*, & Good, J. J. (2013, September). “Thanks, but I can handle it:” Outcomes of rejecting benevolent sexism in a workplace setting. Poster presented at the Annual Davidson College Summer Research Symposium, Davidson, NC.