As an educator, my goal is for students to actively participate in their own learning, and to understand that Psychology is a dynamic field of study that is constantly shaped by new research developments.

Of my current courses, my favorite class to teach is Research Methods in Social Psychology. My students work in groups to complete semester-long research projects from start to finish.I love to see students actively take on the role of researcher and to see their skills and confidence develop over the course of the semester. Plus, I get to be involved in lots of cool research projects!

In my seminar, I try to take as passive a role as possible, letting my students take the lead in shaping the class. By completing several experiential assignments, I encourage students to actively experience and/or grapple with the questions we discuss in class. Students work in pairs to lead class discussion, and I am always amazed by the sophistication of the questions and comments that are contributed. Check out the photos of my 2012 seminar students actively working on “pop presentations” in class:

students working on presentationstudents working on presentation








My 2015 seminar enjoyed playing a modified version of monopoly in order to learn about affirmative action:

intergroup monopoly 1 intergroup monopoly 2


Social Psych is my baby, and I love to share all of the amazingly interesting social psych findings with new students every year! It’s a challenge to keep up with all the latest research to teach Intro Psych, but the course reminds me how all of the seemingly disparate areas of psychology fit together.

I was fortunate to participate in the Associated Colleges of the South’s Teaching and Learning Workshop in 2012, as well as to have fabulous colleagues and mentors who inspire me to continually work to improve my teaching.