Summer Lab 2018

From left to right: Grace Drake ’19, Kim Bourne, Jess Good, Jess Mosher ’20, India Little ’19, Danny Simpson ’21, Angela Medcalf ’21 (NC A&T)

In Summer 2018 I was fortunate to have a larger group of students with me. They worked hard to create and pilot test materials for data collection in Fall 2018 under my NSF grant testing the impact of diversity philosophies on underrepresented students’ performance in STEM. Danny and Jess worked on designing, editing, and standardizing science lessons across disciplines as well as syncing voice-over audio and video to create professional looking online lessons. India and Angela worked on designing, creating, and troubleshooting nine variations of a Moodle course with corresponding syllabi and course content. Grace conducted her own experimental study on the effect of instructors’ diversity philosophies on students’ willingness to confront sexism, racism, and heterosexism in the classroom. This group of students was by far the most “bonded” summer lab that I have had so far, and I will miss their quirky conversation and pranks!