IGS Lab Members – Spring 2019

From left – Sara Lin ’20, Kim Bourne (lab manager), Sophie Wolf ’21, India Little ’19, Jess Mosher ’20, Grace Drake ’19, Emily Redler ’20, Lucy Fasano ’21, Serena Hu ’21, Jess Good, Danny Simpson ’21

IGS Lab Members – Fall 2018

From left – Danny Simpson ’21, Grace Drake ’19, Sophie Wolf ’21, Serena Hu ’21, Madison Akins-Banman ’19, Kim Bourne (lab manager), Henry Brooks ’19, Jess Good (faculty), Ryan Ortley (kid)

IGS Lab Members – Spring 2018

From left – Sara Lin ’20, Serena Hu ’21, Kim Bourne (lab manager), Andrew Peterson ’18, Sophie Wolf ’21, Anna Catherine McCrary ’18, Jess Mosher ’20, Madison Akins-Banman ’19, Grace Drake ’19, Jess Good (faculty)

IGS Lab Members – Fall 2017

From Left: Kim Bourne, Jessica Good, Grace Drake ’19, Andrew Peterson ’18, Sophie Wolf ’21, Rachel Shah ’18, Meleena Phillips ’20

Lab Managers:

Grace Drake – 2019-2020

Grace Drake

Grace graduated from Davidson College in 2019 with a B.S. in Psychology. She was involved in several research projects while at Davidson, including a summer research project funded by the Davidson Research Initiative, and her senior thesis on confronting heterosexism. Grace has presented her work at the Society for Personality and Social Psychology and at the Southeastern Society of Social Psychologists. She was the recipient of the Psychology Department’s 2019 Sigma Xi award for excellence in research. We are so fortunate to have Grace for another year!

Kim Bourne – 2017-2019

Kim Bourne

Kim graduated from Colby College in May 2016 with a B.A. in Psychology and Spanish. Immediately after graduation she took a year long Lab Manager Position in the West Interpersonal Lab at New York University, directed by Tessa West, Ph.D. She then spent two years working in the Intergroup Studies Lab at Davidson College, investigating the personal and academic effects of perceiving and experiencing discrimination and stereotyping. Kim is currently enrolled in the Social Psychology doctoral program at the University of Washington.